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Roberson, Roy C. 3/28/2015    
Sims, Virginia Ann 3/28/2015    
McDole, Elton Clay 3/27/2015    
Bass, Billy D. 3/26/2015    
American Veteran Moore, Jr., Archie Creede 3/26/2015    
Hageman, Arleen Katz Campbell 3/23/2015    
Mince, Bernice Jewell 3/22/2015    
American Veteran Ross, Jimmie Allen 3/19/2015    
Gober, James Rudolph 3/17/2015    
Keelins, Mildred Elaine 3/16/2015    
Huddleston, Virgie 3/14/2015    
American Veteran Gann, John Andrew (Andy) 3/13/2015    
American Veteran Boles, Charles Fowler 3/12/2015    
Durham, Jr., James Fred 3/10/2015    
American Veteran James, Sr., Johnny Wayne 3/10/2015    
American Veteran Shrum, Jr., Chief Petty Officer Michael L. 3/9/2015    
Burton, Ernest Gentry 3/7/2015    
Simmons, Susan ReJean 3/7/2015    
Daniel, Ginger C. 3/5/2015    
Styles, Clifford 3/5/2015    
American Veteran Bradshaw, Vern Leroy 3/4/2015    
Gray, Angela Dawn 3/4/2015    
American Veteran Buchert, Jr., Ernest William 3/3/2015    
Griggs, William Douglas 3/3/2015    
McClanahan, Raymond R. 3/1/2015    

 - American Veterans