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Blankenship, Patricia L. (Pat) 11/22/2014    
Akins, Shirley J. 11/21/2014    
Butler, Harold 11/20/2014    
Pitt, Ann Smith 11/20/2014    
American Veteran Smith, Michael 11/19/2014    
Brown, Lannie Carver 11/16/2014    
American Veteran Woods, Roy Lee 11/16/2014    
Fuller, Emma Lucille 11/13/2014    
American Veteran deGlopper, Jr., James C. 11/12/2014    
American Veteran Siebert, Paul F. 11/4/2014    
Frank, Beulah B. 11/2/2014    
Whiting, Virginia L. 11/1/2014    
American Veteran Bright, Robert 10/31/2014    
American Veteran Sullivan, Jerry Wayne 10/27/2014    
Watson, James R. 10/26/2014    
American Veteran Sadler, Charles (Charlie) Dowell 10/25/2014    
Bentley, Frances Withers 10/19/2014    
Marratta, Minnie Elizabeth (Libby) 10/17/2014    
American Veteran Herndon, Kelton Reed (Foots) 10/16/2014    
Dias, Julius Piper (Peanut) 10/15/2014    
Counce, Norma (Nanny Jean) 10/14/2014    
Dawson, Marilyn Louise 10/13/2014    
American Veteran Weidner, George Robert 10/13/2014    
Templeton, Bonnie Lee 10/12/2014    
Waddle, Ruth Allen 10/12/2014    

 - American Veterans