Online Obituaries
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Ring, Troy Darrell 4/16/2014    
Kestner, Tina Kay 4/15/2014    
American Veteran Smith, William Edward 4/15/2014    
American Veteran Hiscock, Jr., Ernest M. 4/14/2014    
Ortega, Cecelia Losano 4/14/2014    
Coker, Robert F. 4/13/2014    
American Veteran Graves, Doug 4/13/2014    
Lacy, James A. 4/13/2014    
Franklin, Louis Green 4/12/2014    
American Veteran Dorris, Glen 4/11/2014    
American Veteran Hill, James M. 4/11/2014    
Origer, Violet G. 4/10/2014    
Tiller, Beverly 4/9/2014    
Denton, Helen I. 4/8/2014    
Barrett, Marandy E. 4/4/2014    
American Veteran Smith, Marcus Ray 4/4/2014    
Williams, Eva Nelle 4/4/2014    
Austin, Virginia 4/3/2014    
Allen, Samuel 3/29/2014    
Lesemann, Alexander Reed 3/26/2014    
Walpole, Dorothy Jane 3/24/2014    
Stewart, Clifton Rhea Mike 3/23/2014    
Brewington, Brenda Diane Hare 3/21/2014    
Matthews, Brad 3/20/2014    
Jenkins, Joyce Marie 3/16/2014    

 - American Veterans