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American Veteran Reynolds, Francis (Hots) 1/22/2015    
Copeland, Rosie 1/21/2015    
Carter, John 1/20/2015    
American Veteran Patrick, Lois Magdalene 1/20/2015    
Walker, Olivia Marshall 1/19/2015    
Patton, Lillian Ralph 1/18/2015    
Dixon, Michael A. 1/15/2015    
McKinney, Donald I. (Don) 1/13/2015    
Humbles, Lillie F. 1/12/2015    
Hagan, Hardin L. 1/10/2015    
Boone, Wanda Lou 1/9/2015    
Bradley, Ernest M. 1/9/2015    
Perry, Annie Jo 1/8/2015    
Adcock, Jewell V. 1/4/2015    
Graham, Jr., Virgil Franklin (Peanut) 1/4/2015    
KehLenbrink, Mae Jenson 1/3/2015    
Tipton, Ruby Thompson 12/31/2014    
Gregory, Marjorie Jane 12/30/2014    
McMurtry, June Jenkins 12/30/2014    
Rasnick, Johnnie 12/30/2014    
American Veteran Hurt, Stephen Wayne 12/29/2014    
Raymer, Betty Jean 12/29/2014    
Ausbrooks, Lydia Lynn 12/27/2014    
Gonzales, Daria Alvarado 12/26/2014    
Snell, Emma Lorraine 12/26/2014    

 - American Veterans